Which is why we at MetaSpoon absolutely love to share things that highlight the kindness of humans worldwide—and this article is no different. It’s a story that surrounds a man named LaVonte Dell who is a single father to a toddler, a three-year-old girl.

One afternoon, LaVonte was driving his car, his daughter in the backseat. Just then, he saw police lights flashing behind him. His heart instantly dropped as he knew that he was struggling financially and that a ticket was the last thing he needed.

The police, Officer Scaglione, pulled him over and explained that his tinted windows were the problem. As the pair chatted, Officer Scaglione looked behind LaVonte and noticed that he had a young girl in the backseat. He also noticed that she was not sitting in a car seat and for that reason, he offered Dell something truly amazing.

He jumped into his police car, prompting the father to follow him. They arrived at their nearest Walmart, where Officer Scaglione bought LaVonte’s daughter a pink car seat, her favourite colour, because he wanted her to be safe at all times. Additionally, he did not issue the man a ticket.

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