Even though he is just a teenager, Joe Chambers has already been a volunteer firefighter for a few years with the Leedom Fire Company in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, his hometown. After high school, this admirable young man hopes to join the military and then later have a job in law enforcement or as a professional firefighter. And he’s already a life-saving hero!

During a visit to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to see his sister, Joe’s firefighter training came in very handy. Officer Mark Kinsey was in South Philadelphia responding to a call when his squad car was hit by a pickup truck that ran a red light. Mark’s leg was severely injured and even worse, his car was on fire.

Joe was watching television with his sister when he heard a loud “boom” which turned out to be the car bursting into flames. He immediately went to the scene of the accident. His quick thinking, excellent training, and calm action probably saved a life that day.

And in true Ellen fashion, Ellen has some awesome surprises for both of these heroes!

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