30-year-old Jono Lancaster was abandoned by his biological parents when he was just 36 hours old. And just when you thought that this couldn’t get any more disheartening—he was unfortunately abandoned because he was born with a disease called Treacher Collins Syndrome. His mother was unpleased with the way he looked and even said that she didn’t feel an instant connection with the baby. Reasons which led the family to give Jono up for adoption.

The rare disease affects how the facial structure develops in the womb—Jono didn’t develop any cheekbones which also caused his eyes to droop. Further the doctors had said that their son perhaps would never be able to walk or talk. As unfortunate as it sounds, Jono was abandoned as a baby.

But this young man has turned his life around completely and proved even the doctors wrong! Jean ended up fostering him at 2-weeks-old and she ended up adopting him by the age of 5. Jean says that although his face looked different, it didn’t prevent her from wanting to look after him. This is unconditional love.

She has helped Jono become a very inspirational young man who wants to make a difference in the lives of others. He even has a very important message he wants to share with everyone.

Now that he’s able to walk, talk, and spread inspiration around the world, Jono thought perhaps connecting with his biological parents would be a good idea. But despite of him trying to reach out to them, they blatantly refused to meet with him. Although this left him heartbroken, he used this rejection as a way to motivate himself.

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