You’ll see the duo on-screen both sporting a pink item of clothing—the daughter, a pink dress, and the father, pink pyjama bottoms. And together, they have choreographed a dance number to the song, “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. If I do say so myself, it’s oddly amazing. The dance skill, the video editing, the music, the vibe—everything is pretty rad.

You’ll see the pair doing some classic and popular dance moves, such as the running man and a few Michael Jackson moves, as well as a more recent bit—the dab. As it stands, these two are completely talented and basically, untouchable!

Since uploading the video, it has gone completely viral and for a good reason—it’s entertaining, funny, adorable, and it also highlights the precious relationship between a father and his daughter. I’m sure that they’re happy that they have this moment forever on film, as are we.

Catch the entire dance routine in the video below! If you’ve loved this clip, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.