A woman named Annie Aul was doing a road trip from Alabama to Florida with her gorgeous dog, Lola, listening to some tunes, and just generally having a good time. It was then, that a song by Queen came on and caused Lola to put on quite a performance.

As the song starts, you’ll see Annie mouthing the words to ‘We Are The Champions’ by Queen. The song, as most know, starts off slowly—a part which Lola doesn’t particularly care for—and then builds up to a big chorus. When the chorus starts, Lola knows it’s her time to shine! And boy does she shine.

She begins singing loudly, hitting all sorts of notes, and enjoying her favourite song with her favourite human. As the chorus ends, Lola sits back down and enjoys a little rest. It’s evident that she’s very excited by the loud and dramatic music. As the chorus rolls back in, so does Lola the talented pup! It’s really an adorable moment that thankfully, was caught on camera.

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