So in light of looking like his friend, Jax requests that he get a haircut similar to Reddy’s—keep in mind that Jax says the only thing that sets him apart from his buddy is the hair. His hair is spikey, but Reddy’s on the other hand is not. So when Jax asks for a haircut similar to his friend’s, it’s all in hopes that when he goes back to school on Monday, the teacher would have a hard time recognizing the difference between him and Reddy. Such a cute and beautiful thought! Not to mention, a foolproof plan for sure!

He thought it would be hilarious to watch his teacher mix up the two boys because they will look the same after their identical haircuts. In his words, she wouldn’t be able to distinguish between the two “twins”. Adorable!

It’s amazing to know that the only difference the little boy sees is that his hair is different from that of his friend’s. This story is far from what often makes the rounds in modern day news. Jax’s innocence helps restore faith in the idea that the upcoming generation will be void of racial prejudices and discrimination. Everyone is equal. And Jax has the cutest way of bringing this point across.