In the video, you’ll see the group singing a song entitled, “Here We Go”. It is led by one soldier who stands at the front of the other members, who are lined up facing the left. And just then, the singing begins. Their mere presence is a mixture of strength and talent, but their vocal abilities may just leave you speechless.

In this way, the video brings light to the fact that many of us, despite our career or life choices, have amazing talents that can bring joy and inspiration to others; and we should practice our passions for those very reasons, if nothing else. It is an absolute treat that this performance was captured on video and shared with the world.

Lots of respect and adoration goes out to the men and women in the video, as well as other soldiers worldwide, as they have chosen to take on a very brave and selfless line of work.

Click below to see the full performance for yourself. If you’ve loved this video, or perhaps have a talented singer as a friend or in the family, be sure to share the it with them. Perhaps it’ll give them the confidence they need to pursue their goals.