In 2014, Kendrick Taylor was in the parking lot of his gym when he sensed that something was not right. He took out his earphones, turned his head, and witnessed something truly disturbing. A 76-year-old woman was being robbed and manhandled by a thief. Taylor then ran to the woman’s rescue, chased the thief, tackled him, and kept him on the ground until the police arrived. Now that’s a brave and smart move on his part, don’t you agree?

For all of his efforts, Ellen rewarded him with quite possibly the best gift ever: The opportunity to see his mother, who Taylor admits is his best friend, and who lives in a different state. Not only that, but Ellen had a few other well-deserved surprises up her sleeve! And they’re definitely well deserved.

Watch the video below to hear this courageous story, and share it with your family and friends if it’s made you feel all warm and gooey on the inside.