Chris and Tracy got married in 2013 and were eagerly expecting the arrival of their newborn baby in 2015. Much to everyone’s surprise, they wanted the entire family to be in on the gender reveal—they preferred that they all get together and plan a surprise for THEM. So the family knew exactly what the parents were going to have even before the results were shared with mom-and-dad-to-be.

So the family puts together a nice surprise for the couple—a black balloon with a whole bunch of confetti inside. They were to burst the balloon and the color of the confetti would indicate if they were having a girl or a boy. Watch how the couple is so nervous and anxious to pop the balloon.

But as soon as they do burst it, they notice that neither blue or pink confetti comes out. They’re actually showered with rainbow-colored confetti! Just as the couple thought that the family had completely ruined their surprise and the gender reveal they were so looking forward to, someone tells them to look inside “the box”. What box?

There are actually 2 parts to this gender reveal and it actually turned out the soon-to-be-parents enjoyed what their families had in store for them.

Want to know the if the couple’s having a boy or a girl? Watch the video below for the full surprise! Share it with family and friends if you enjoyed it!