He originally started off with filling shoeboxes for those in need but then was inspired with a different idea when he was given some used purses. He says research shows that women are more likely to end up on the streets and homeless because of unfortunate events of domestic violence. So D.J. decided that it was time to turn his attention to the women in his community.

He asked his mom, Tonya Carter de Flores, if instead of shoeboxes they can fill purses with essentials and give them out? Tonya was beyond proud of her son who is so compassionate about making a change and helping others at such a young age. She readily agreed to this new idea. Something to keep in mind is that D.J.’s family isn’t well-off themselves. There have been times where they have also been on the verge of homelessness but it doesn’t stop them from lending a helping hand to others.

We can all be a part of this beautiful initiative that D.J. has started. How? “Love in Packs” can always use donations of gently used purses, monetary donations ($25 helps fill a purse), or you can simply donate the essentials that are put in these bags.

Watch the inspiring video below to see what an incredible effort this 9-year-old is making in helping his community. Share this story with family and friends and lets inspire some change!