This video shared below includes the perfect compilations of what dogs do, and how they behave, around babies. They’re not only protective of them, but also ensure that their little human friend is comfortable, has plenty to keep him/herself occupied, and are even around for when they need company. One of the most heartwarming scenes in this video is when the dog tries to befriend the little boy with Down Syndrome. So beautiful.

Regardless of any state they’re in, I think this compilation is the perfect example of all the lengths that your furry pet will go to keep your little one safe and sound. One of the dogs even puts a firm paw over the little baby on the ground to ensure that nothing harms her when it hears a weird sound coming from around the house! Listen for the parents’ reaction!

Do you have a dog who’s story of loyalty and friendliness has touched you? We would love to read about it in the comments below!

In the mean time, watch the entire video of compilations and share it with family and friends to make their day!