This video shows twin baby boys sitting inside their home, in an empty inflatable pool, heavily amused by their Pomeranian pup who is continuously jumping up and around, trying to get a treat from mom. Watch and listen to the babies hysterically laugh at their dog, who is innocently just trying to get some food.

But, it’s not only the children that are laughing. We can also hear their mother in splits as the dog puts on a very entertaining show for the entire family. Seems like they had quite a good time while feeding their Pomeranian and even got a story out of it! The boys will definitely want to watch this when they get older to see just how much of a kick they got out of their dog—they’re red in the face from laughing!

Just like their mother, I couldn’t hold back my laughter watching these two!

Click on the video below to see their full reaction for yourself. Share it with family and friends to give everyone a good laugh!

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