In 1983, Lori married Dave, her high school sweetheart. Lori had already been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, but at the time of their marriage, the symptoms were still fairly minimal. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t last forever. Her symptoms progressed and worsened and doctors determined that it was very unlikely that the couple would have children. However, Lori eventually gave birth to three children: Valerie, David, and Heather.

In 2013, David had his own wedding and his mother was in attendance. At the reception, he planned an incredibly beautiful mother-son dance that had the whole room in tears, not to mention anyone who watches the video. David holds his mother in his arms like she once held him and it’s a very heartwarming, yet bittersweet family moment. In the moment, he shows love and respect for the woman who cared for him, and is trying to reward her in every way possible.

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