Listen carefully and you can actually hear Alexia’s grandfather humming along to the beat of the song. But he obviously doesn’t stop there. He has his own set of dance moves to groove to the music, but what’s funny is that he actually starts to copy his granddaughter’s dance moves! Watch how he tries to move his hands, the same way she’s moving them, to the sound of the music. So hilarious!

And to add a bit more humour to the whole scene, grandpa tries to make it seem like he’s NOT putting on his show in the back—every time Alexia turns around to tell him to stop dancing (and perhaps to not steal the limelight), he pretends like he wasn’t doing a thing other than continuing to clean the table. Beyond cute, in my opinion!

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In the mean time, click on the video and check out the entire performance for yourself! Share it with friends and family and inspire everyone to get their dancing shoes on!

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