Mark Purcell was shocked and dismayed when he discovered two homeless young boys outside Paseo County’s Metropolitan Ministries. He had gone to close up for the night, and saw a pile of trash bags which he expected to be full of donations. Upon closer inspection, he saw two frightened children, 7-months-old and 2-years-old hiding behind the bags. Mark told Fox 13 News, “There were actually four or five bags here. A child in a car seat was on top of a bag. The other child was sitting here with his feet, cold. They were only in diapers, no clothes.”

Nearby was their mother, who in desperation for her children, had left the boys there, hoping someone would come along and help them. The entire situation is unthinkably sad. However, those boys would absolutely get the help and love they so desperately needed. Help came from Pastor Ronnie Stewart and his wife Krystal, who had encountered the family previously at their church’s soup kitchen.

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