The clip starts with the baby’s mom putting a spoonful of avocado into her mouth and waiting for a reaction. What does she get? A totally weirded out face and it’s hilarious—the young infant’s dad can’t stop laughing! But something interesting  happens as the mother continues to try to feed her the fruit.

After being slightly taken aback by the taste (and probably even the texture) of the avocado, another spoonful later, this baby shows looks of surprise, and there’s even a slight glimpse of a smile. But then again, she may just be smiling at the hard time she’s giving her parents by not opening her mouth to eat more of this unknown and odd food item!

The poor mom wants her child to eat the fruit so bad that she even considers mixing banana into the bowl to make it taste better. But listen carefully to what the dad says about this suggestion. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below!

In the mean time, click on the full video below and see these hilarious reactions for yourself! Share it with your family and friends and give them a laugh!

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