Jeff and Jenna got married on March 4 and gave everyone a wedding experience to remember—their venue was candlelit all around and simply amazing! Just when the guests thought that the night couldn’t get any better, Jeff decides to turn it up a notch by presenting his bride with a surprise gift. But before he gives her the present, watch how he tells her that they’re going to become a family of 3. Yes, you read that right, a family of 3. And no it’s not what you’re thinking it is.

Just as Jenna is confusingly looking to hear more of what her husband is talking about, in comes a woman carrying her special present—a new British Labrador. And the bride is beyond happy and enthusiastic about her new puppy! See how she excitedly walks over to the dog, embraces it, and showers it with so much love! Guess her husband was right when he said he had a gift that was perfect for her.

Click on the video below to see the entire surprise unfold. Share it with family and friends and give them some gift inspirations!

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