And that is why the video below tells a tale of how one little photograph managed to go completely viral. It also proves how strong and powerful empathy and love really is.  It’s absolutely inspiring.

The video tells of how a man named Joel Cervantes Macias was driving in Chicago one afternoon when he saw an 89-year-old man, Fidencio Sanchez, pushing an ice cream cart. Joel immediately felt the need to help this man after he learned that he still had to work in order to make ends meet; he decided that he would buy a few ice-creams and give him $50.

Upon leaving, Joel felt as though he could have done more. He decided take a picture of Fidencio and posted it to his Facebook account in hope of brainstorming with his friends. It was then, that something amazing happened.

One of Joel’s friends decided to start a GoFundMe page with the goal of reaching $3000. Did they reach that goal? Yes! And then some! The page received $384,000 for Fidencio and his wife, leaving them completely speechless with gratitude. It’s this kind of story that really does evoke feelings of happiness and satisfaction to those who hear it.

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