The reason behind this statue is quite inspiring as well: State Street Global Advisors commissioned this bronze figure to highlight gender inequality on Wall Street and to call-out the numerous corporations that do not have women directors on their boards; they want companies to aim for “gender diversity” and for this to be visible in all the boards.

And what a way to make that mark. The little girl is key to understand that sometimes you don’t have to take any physical steps to make a difference in the world. Staying put in your place, firm and defiant, is sometimes the answer to backlash and societal issues—an unyielding attitude can help anyone make a difference without having to move an inch.

The fact that this inspiring statue is staring right at the bull also holds significance. We’re being taught to look our problems in the eye and challenge the conventions that are at the basis of whatever is holding you back. Women around the world are inspired by this new touch to Wall Street and the efforts State Street Global Advisors have put to bring such a prominent issue to the forefront.

Here’s to this initiative and all the importance it holds in making a difference not only within the corporations on Wall Street, but around the globe. Women fight battles against inequality, and breaking glass ceilings all the time—they’ve already proven to be valiant. There’s no one else in the forefront when it comes to the fight of empowerment. So, here’s to every single woman out there.

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