In the video, you’ll see a couple surrounded by their closest friends and family. Everyone is chatting happily while awaiting the special announcement. Some even try to guess the sex of the baby while one person asks if they’re having twins. To answer the question, no twins! But, after everyone has had their fair share of guesses, the dad-to-be has his time to shine.

He begins talking about society and gender constructs, such as the fact that blue equals a boy and pink equals a girl. He then says that despite it being rather silly, they’ve decided to go that route. He admits that he would have liked to use a pink or blue sparkler in order to announce the sex of the baby, but was unable to find such a thing.

Finally, he says that he’s modified a part of his body in order to give their family and friends the good news. Just then, he removes his beanie only to support a pink head of hair! Of course, the room gets very excited and everyone begins congratulating the happy couple.

Do you have any special ideas for a gender reveal party? Let us know! Additionally, share this awesome moment with your family and friends!

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