So what’s so special about this commercial that everyone over the internet is raving about it? It’s just so simple! And when we say “simple”, we don’ t mean anything negative by it—there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making a low-budget commercial, as long as it does the job! But they probably seriously never thought that their commercial would go viral, and that too so fast!

Although it’s quite evident that there wasn’t much money spent on the making of the ad, we feel that the candid manner in which it was filmed is super effective. You can pinpoint the purpose of the commercial right from the get go. There are no flashy effects, or fancy lighting, to attract your attention. The man doing the talking, and his dialogues, are both simply enough to make you want to sit through the entire ad! The focus on the animals is also commendable; showing the pets in their natural manner makes this commercial so much more relatable. And the best thing is that they’re not setting any false expectations, you see it as it is—even the cat without a tail!

Catch the entire commercial by clicking the link below. Share it with your family and friends, and with anyone else who may be looking to adopt an animal and needs that extra pang of encouragement! These guys go the extra mile to make sure each of their furry friends have a happy home, forever!