It’s hard to recreate those first days, weeks, and months when everything is new, fresh, and beautiful. It’s also nearly impossible to bring back the magic of the moment when he gets down on one knee and surprises her with that engagement ring. It doesn’t matter whether the diamond is big or small, or not a diamond at all, it’s the sentiment of the moment that will be forever remembered each time she looks at that ring.

So, it’s understandable that when Kay lost her engagement ring, she was absolutely devastated. She searched her home top to bottom and still, the ring didn’t turn up – until 15 years later when Kay’s husband Dave found a heart-shaped box with the ring inside. Dave knew that his wife would be delighted to finally have the much-loved ring back on her finger, but he came up with an amazing way to present her with the surprise. Kay and Dave’s daughter, Lacey, videoed as Dave got down on one knee, again, and proposed to his wife. If you need a little romance in your life, this video is it. Please like and share the magic!