However, I have flown, and I have actually flown in and out of Dublin International Airport. My experience wasn’t anything like this. It wasn’t unpleasant, not at all, but it certainly wasn’t this fun. Imagine getting up early and preparing for your flight. You travel to their airport and mentally strengthen yourself for what is to come: there is the security, where you have to take off your shoes, then you have to wait for your flight, which will probably be delayed, causing you to miss your connecting flight, and then the actual stuffy, miserable airplane. But, imagine if while waiting in the airport you were surprised by a flash mob of talented Irish dancers. It may not actually make your plane ride any better, but it will at least improve your day, and that’s definitely something.

That’s what happened on this particular day in Dublin. Dancers from 11 countries lined up and performed in perfect sync, showcasing their well-practiced skills. They impressed everyone in the airport that day. Like and share this video with the travelers in your life and spread the happiness!