Not only can this routine enhance the relationship between father and child, but can also prove to be an excellent fitness routine for new dads (and moms alike). Because everyone, who has parenthood experience, knows that infants are a handful and upon their arrival, there’s absolutely NO time to follow a fitness regime for yourself. Are we right?

So lets get down to how this program works. It’s actually quite simple: You secure your infant into a carrier, strap them onto your chest, and get grooving to the music! And this dance class is looking quite successful! Not only is the room full of dads wanting to bust some moves, but it also seems like they’re having a lot of fun doing it!

In a time where life consists of so much hustle and bustle, this dance program is a great way to make some time for the family. Normally people wouldn’t think of dancing as a way of spending time with your loved ones, but who knew how much fun it could really be! We can see this becoming a regular routine for many families and helping them get into the groove of things.

Watch the video below and see how much fun the dads are having while participating in this unique dance class! Spread the fun and share it with family and friends!