Mrs. Andrews, a lover of cats, owned a beauty kitty by the name of Blondie. She had taken care of this cat for 16 years but unfortunately, Blondie passed away. Because of this, a student by the name of Rachel Hanhart saw her math teacher sobbing quietly. “She was sitting at her desk and we were all just doing our work,” Rachel said. “She began crying and we asked her what was wrong. She told us that her 16-year-old cat had died.”

That day, Rachel and her mother went online in order to find a stunning kitty that needed a forever home. They found not one, but two – and they immediately contacted the seller, brought the two kitties, along with cupcakes and flowers, to school as a gift for Mrs. Andrews.

Credit: Little Things

“We all were emotional before even entering the room,” Rachel said. “Not upset by any means, but more anxious than anything.” When the classmates handed their teacher the gift, she was completely taken aback and overjoyed, “Mrs. Andrews began to cry because of the flowers, but then she saw the kittens and I don’t even know how to describe her reaction,” Rachel said. “It was amazing. I think at that point everyone had tears in their eyes.”

Mrs. Andrews decided to name the two kitties, Missie and Girlie.

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