From that first adorable announcement photo shoot and belly selfies, pictures of the nursery painting and construction, to the happy birth announcements, and even the adorable photos that come afterward, I feel like I was involved in my friends’ pregnancies every step of the way. Of course, that’s the false feeling we get from social media. I didn’t, in fact, experience every moment. I didn’t see the doctor’s appointments, stressful times, and private moments, but I do appreciate the moments they were willing to share and celebrate with the world, or at least their Facebook friends.

One such mom-to-be got in the spirit with a unique pregnancy video. For more than two weeks Kassandra Hanks had been four centimeters dilated, so technically, she had been in labor that entire time, but baby wasn’t ready to come out yet. In an effort to speed things along, Kassandra dons her sweats and sports bra, puts her favorite music on, and has a little dance party. This technique has actually been known to work and it did for Kassandra. By the end of the song, she was doubled over in pain and her baby on the way.

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