David Crosby, a 28-year-old father from Utah, and his four-year-old daughter Claire Ryann recently made viral status because of their chilling YouTube video of the pair singing together. The video starts with David singing the first verse of the song while his daughter sits there quietly and waits. When the second verse comes around, you almost expect her to mumble softly while trying to remember the lyrics but instead, you will bear witness to an absolute star in the making. Claire sings with her whole heart, hits every note and gives those who hear her, goosebumps.

Credit: YouTube

David came up with the idea of making a video with his daughter when Claire persisted to sing loudly at a gas station one afternoon. It is said that many complimented her for her great singing ability, which David agreed with wholeheartedly. Now, the duo sing together in order to share their love of music and to have precious father-daughter time together – and the Internet could not be more grateful. The video currently has over 6 million views on YouTube!

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