Mike was singing the ever-popular Unchained Melody one afternoon at the 23rd Street subway station. He showed immense talent and poise and for that reason, caught the attention of many. Some even filmed his performance and persisted to upload it various social media platforms, gaining it viral status. It was then, that James Corden – the star of Carpool Karaoke – saw the video and was completely blown away. The way in which he reacts to the video, even after watching it several times over, is absolutely inspired.


Corden then made all effort to contact Mike in order for him to be on his show, The Late Show with James Corden – and with success. Mike joined Corden and once again sang his beautiful edition of Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers, impressing everyone that has had the privilege to hear it. Some have described his voice as being “old-school soul” – so much so, that it’s like stepping into a different time era.

This is the feel-good vibe that everyone needs today…but we’ll let you be the judge! Check out the amazing video below – and if you enjoy it as much as I did, share it with your family and friends.