This story is sufficiently awkward and equally as hilarious… you’ll want to laugh but also kind of want to cringe!

Adam Martin and a fellow sport-enthusiast were watching a sporting event when suddenly, the cheeky Kiss Cam spotted the pair and decided to egg them on. The camera patiently records them for at least 30 seconds, without flinching. As the pair sit quietly, not kissing… or, in fact, not showing any reaction to all, the man begins to fish for something in his jacket pocket.

Slowly but surely he unfolds a white piece of paper and holds it up to the camera. “She’s my sister”, read the sign, with an arrow pointing at the blonde lady sitting beside him. Naturally, the crowd were in hysterics and the Kiss Cam took that as their cue to bugger off. Cringe, am I right?

Credit: Sun Gazing 

Apparently, Martin had anticipated the situation which is why he went ahead and printed the sign before the game. Smart thinking, kind sir, smart thinking. I guess Martin has taught us all a lesson about being prepared for… well, just about anything—including being encouraged to kiss your own sibling (eww!).

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