The video shows a woman named Jill and her husband at their gynecologist’s office. The couple invited Jill’s sister along in order to create a sort of gender reveal event. Little did Jill’s sister Kelly know that there was going to be even bigger news announced that day.

The doctor shows the baby on the monitor—to which Kelly gets extremely excited. The girls chat together, wondering whether Jill will have a boy or a girl. Suddenly, Kelly takes a closer look at the monitor and realized that there’s not just one baby on the way, but two! In sheer excitement, she starts screaming, jumping up and down and boldly asking her sister if she can have one! Later, the sex of the two twins is announced and the trio could not be more thrilled!

In addition to the great news, Kelly went one step further and contacted the Ellen Degeneres show with the video footage. Ellen then surprised Jill and her husband… AND Kelly with a brand new car. Isn’t that just the cherry on the cake? What lucky folk these three are.

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