The video begins with a little toddler absolutely pining to give his audience of toys a great solo performance. Alongside said-toddler, is his pooch BFF who is cheekily ready to turn the tremendous solo into a smashing duet. What happens when the baby’s canine friend interjects? Sheer brilliance of course.

The two, being respectful of one another, take turns to display their wonderful vocal abilities. But soon, the pair of them start to harmonise and create a duet that is possibly the cutest thing you may ever see (and hear!). As the duet gets stronger and louder, the little baby boy’s smile grows bigger and bigger—proving that he is simply loving the company of his beautiful friend.

At the end, the chubby-cheeked little boy allows the pup to go ahead and do a bold and beautiful solo while he sits in awe. At the end of the day, isn’t that exactly what friendship is all about? Not stealing one another’s spotlight but also having the ability to work fabulously together in a team? I foresee great things with these two lovelies in the future. Just saying!

Will these two win The X Factor? Actually, yes they might just. Their cuteness and friendship surely has the ability to steal hearts worldwide and we’re completely sold.

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