1. He’s absolutely adored on Saturday Night Live

John Goodman has not only been a guest on the show, but has also hosted 13 episodes.

2. His first ever job was a bouncer

After having a go at being a bouncer, he started waiting tables while trying to crack the code that is Hollywood.

3. He was the first guest on Late Night With Conan O’ Brien

Way back when in 1993, John Goodman was the first star to appear on the Conan O’ Brien show.

4. He was an excellent football player

Excelling in the game in high school, he was given a scholarship to Missouri State University for his sporting ability. 

5. He has a degree in Fine Arts

He attended Missouri State University and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. This is where his true passion for acting began.

6. His favourite acting role was in the film, The Big Lebowski

He admits that he loved working on set this film in 1998 but says that his best role was playing Charlie Meadows in Barton Fink, an American period film set in 1941.

7. He starred in a number of TV commercials in the ’70s

In 1982, he appeared in a McDonald’s commercial for the Egg McMuffin. Following that, you would have seen him in other commercials such as Levis, Campbell’s Soup, M&M’s and Burger King.