But, social media means that I consume things very quickly and just glance as I scroll past. This has led me to lose my attention for detail and miss things in real life.


1. The Bear In The Toblerone Logo

Because I’m often too busy trying to consume too much information on my phone, I miss tiny details that I otherwise would have seen. Often, these are things we have seen hundreds or thousands of times but never noticed before. Once you see them, you’ll never be able to unsee them. For instance, look closely at the Toblerone logo… there’s a bear in the mountain! Next time I pick one of these up in an airport, it will be the first thing that I notice.

2. The 90’s Are Longer Ago Than We Think

Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older and don’t wish to acknowledge the inevitable passing of time, or perhaps it’s because I just don’t pay enough attention, but the 1990’s are not ‘ten years ago’. In fact, they’re more like twenty years ago. And all those shows and movies we remember so fondly? They’re a lot older than we think.

3. Jerry Seinfeld Had Shoe Marks All Over His Door – Left By Kramer

Perhaps it’s because it was just part of the set, but I never noticed the scuff marks on Jerry’s door. They were put there by Kramer’s crazy entrances.

4. Katy Perry is Paula Deen?

Okay, Katy Perry and Paula Deen are not one in the same, but is you photoshop Katy Perry’s face onto Paula Deen’s, she still looks exactly the same!

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