1.  The Shelves Are Empty

If you’re short on cash during the holidays, you’re looking for a deal. But if you wait until the last minute, all of the good deals are gone. Maybe try the Dollar Store?

2. iPads Are Super Expensive

Most kids and teenagers, and if we admit it, most of us adults, hope to come downstairs and find a cool new device under the tree. Whether we covet a new phone, tablet, laptop, or another cool device, there’s just one issue. Technology, particularly iPads and the like, are very expensive. This young man’s family came up with a clever replacement. At least someone has a sense of humor.

3. Christmas Tree Creativity

Many families go all out with the Christmas tree tradition. This means huge, live trees, carefully chosen from one of those charming tree farms. At home, said Christmas tree is beautifully trimmed with gorgeous matching ornaments and a perfect angel perched on top. On Christmas morning, stacks of presents will fill the space underneath. Or, your tree could look like this.

4. Christmas Tree Creativity Part 2

Or your tree could look like this. At least this one smells like a real Christmas tree.