They don’t have any responsibilities or worries, other than when they get to eat, whether or not they can have a cookie, and is it playtime or time to go for a walk. When we leave them, even for short periods of time, the only thing that they wonder about is when we are coming home to them. Our pets, especially our dogs, are loving, devoted souls, who want nothing more than to be with us. No amount of time is enough time. We could spend all day, every day with them and they would only want to be around us more. So, it’s understandable that they don’t wish to share that time with anyone else, especially another dog.

When the girl and this video brings a new pet into the house, her dog doesn’t want to share her with anyone, certainly not that puppy. The huge Great Dane is determined to make his opinion known. He stands up to his full height, which is much taller than her and shows her that he is the only dog she needs.

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