We had woods near our house and I went for a walk, taking Fred with me. My mom realized quickly that I was gone and she panicked. They searched and searched, but I finally wandered in on my own. When my mother scolded me for going out alone, I simply told her that I wasn’t alone, I had Fred with me.

A little girl in Arizona had a similar, but much more dangerous experience. She went out looking for one of the family dogs, that she thought was missing, but was home all along. The family’s other dog, Blue, a Queensland Heeler, accompanied. Temperatures dropped dangerously low overnight, and everyone feared the worst. Authorities searched for 15 hours and just after daylight, finally spotted the little girl sleeping in a dry creek bed, with Blue curled up next to her keeping her warm. Thanks to Blue, Victoria Bensch survived the long night.

Watch the story of Victoria and her hero dog, Blue, in the video below!