Like many dog owners, Shelly and her husband are busy at work all day so they hired a dog walker to ensure that their Yorkies would get their much needed bathroom trips. For months, everything seemed to be going well. But then the couple noticed that their Yorkies were acting strangely and would have occasional accidents. They knew that something was off so they decided to install a security camera to see what was going on while they weren’t home.

When they watched the film, Shelly and her husband couldn’t believe their eyes. The dog walker would come into their home and move some things around, but she wasn’t walking the dogs at all. She had completely betrayed their trust. Shelly’s husband confronted the dog walker and she admitted her transgression. ABCActionNews also confronted her to try to get an explanation but she declined to comment on camera.

Shelly’s advice? “Don’t trust anyone. Set up cameras, ask for activity logs, and pictures. Simply hold anyone you hire accountable.”

Watch the video below and please share this story to help pet owners become aware when they entrust their four-legged friends to other people.

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