As is explained by a manager of a KFC restaurant in the UK, a large amount of perfectly good food is wasted every day. For example, if a chicken sandwich is left too long in the warmer, it is no longer the required quality to serve to customers. The chicken is still perfectly good to eat. So, the manager of one particular store is putting the leftovers aside in the freezer to be donated to a local homeless shelter. Ace of Clubs is the shelter benefitting from this simple idea. They receive pounds of chicken that would otherwise have to be purchased from the store and the chicken is used in casseroles and other meals. In turn, those funds can be used for other food and programs including shelter and employment assistance.

Currently, this is only a local program. However, with a little bit of help and sharing, this idea could become a regular occurrence. So much food is wasted each day that could be put to good use. Please share and help spread this fantastic idea!