Fred Boettcher is a wealthy attorney with a kind heart. He was visiting his daughter in Wichita, Kansas and the stopped by the Doo-Dah Diner for a bite to eat. They enjoyed their meal and Fred was particularly impressed by Brian, their waiter. Not only is Brian an excellent and efficient server, he radiates happiness and shares his positive outlook and confidence with everyone around him. Fred immediately noticed his disposition, but also noticed that Brian’s smile was marred by dental issues. He thought it was very unfortunate that a person with such an effusive personality should not be able to share a perfect smile with the world. Fred had also had dental problems at one point in his life and empathized with the serve. So he decided to change Brian’s life.

He offered the server an amazing tip – $25,000 worth of dental work. The extremely generous gesture brought Brian to tears, but he accepted. Now, he shares his new, beautiful smile with all of his customers. Watch the story of Fred’s generous gift and see Brian’s amazing transformation in the video. We’re so glad there are people like Fred!