1. Jay Z and Beyoncé both make an insane amount of money so it makes sense that they signed a prenup. She gets $5 million for each child she gives birth to and in the event of a divorce, she gets $1 million for each year they were married.

When Beyoncé released Lemonade, it contained lyrics that many people believed were about Jay Z’s infidelity, leading to speculation that they would get divorced.

2. Who can forget the original Bennifer? You know, the power couple of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. JLo was devastated when Ben called off their wedding. Apparently, Ben didn’t want to sign the prenup that included a no-cheating clause. Ouch.

If Ben cheated, JLo would have been entitled to half of his earnings. Some sources have suggested that Ben also demanded $5 million for marrying her and that the couple do the horizontal mambo four times a week, if you catch my drift.

3. Once upon a time, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were constantly making headlines. Considering the difference in their net worth, what do you think their prenup looked like? Here’s a taste: if they divorced (which they did), Kevin would only get $1 million.

Also, any gift valued at over $7,000 needed to come with legal documentation stating who will own it if they divorce. I wonder how many of those gifts Kevin got to keep?

4. Everyone knows Katie Holmes as that sweet girl from Dawson’s Creek but apparently she’s quite the tough negotiator! When she married Tom Cruise, their prenup stated that she would receive $3 million for each year of marriage if they got divorced.

So what happened? Well, let’s just say that Katie ended up $15 million richer. Plus, she gets $400,000 each year in child support.