Then there is the cooking, baking, preparing the house, and hosting parties. If you have children, there’s the added pressure of ‘The Elf On The Shelf’ and playing Santa Claus. That’s part of the magic of the holiday season. Little ones still believe in Santa and that the jolly man in the red suit will sneak down the chimney in the middle of the night, a heavy sack loaded with toys for good little boys and girls. Every child hopes to wake up in the morning and find a stack of presents under the decorated tree.

Unfortunately, many families struggle financially throughout the whole year, and Christmas puts more stress on those families. That where the Marine Corps’ Toys For Tots program steps in and helps deliver toys to less fortunate families. In the commercial below, a little boy is full of imploring questions, and an on-duty Marine makes a tiny gesture to show him that Santa is real. This timely, heartwarming commercial serves as a reminder of the true spirit of Christmas.