Sadly, many of the brides and grooms I know reported being so stressed and busy on their ‘special’ day that they were hardly able to enjoy any of it.

The couple in this video was determined to have the gorgeous wedding of their dreams, without spending a ton of money. So, they saved A LOT with just a few tricks. First, rather than paying for a minister, the bride’s step-father officiated the wedding. Next, the bride saved on a huge expense by borrowing her gown from her best friend, who was thrilled the dress was used a second time. Rather than limos, the couple utilized Uber to get to the event.

It’s hardly noticeable, but they chose not to have flowers for the ceremony and repurposed the bride’s bouquet as a centerpiece. Finally, they used a clever trick with the cake. The cake appeared to be a $2000 custom cake. But, it wasn’t at all. The guests were all served sheet cakes from Sam’s Club. Watch the video for the clever tricks that saved them thousands of dollars!