Yes, there was a time, a single moment when Elvis Presley, “The King”, and Frank Sinatra, “Old Blue Eyes”, graced the same stage and performed a wonderful duet of “Love Me Tender”. There’s no denying that this was an amazing moment. After all this time, it may still be one of the music industry’s most memorable performances.

On March 26th, at 6:15 PM in Miami, Florida, history was made when Elvis and Sinatra took the stage together. The two took the stage to record a special called “Welcome Home Elvis”, celebrating Elvis’s return home from his military service. Elvis served in the United States Army between March 1958 and March 1960, after being drafted.

The Sinatra/Presley duet came as a surprise to many, as it was long rumored that there was some sort of feud between the two musicians, though it’s thought that their rift was primarily created by the media of the time. The rumor is difficult to confirm as true, and they were consummate professionals. If there was any bad blood, it’s impossible to see in this performance. The show aired on television on May 12, 1960, and made television history. More than 67% of the viewing audience witnessed this amazing spectacle.