Anne was facing $1000 a day in fines because of peeling paint, an old rusty car, and overgrown landscaping. She did not have the money to make the necessary repairs.


Kristin and Adam Polhemus befriended their lonely neighbor and wanted to help.


Kristin and Adam enlisted the help of their neighbors and took charge of fixing the code violations.

Friends and neighbors were more than willing to assist with the project.


Pretty soon, the reclusive Anne began interacting with the helpers.


They scraped and painted the house, moved the old car, and revitalized the landscaping.


Anne brought her neighbors and new-found friends snacks and drinks as they worked on the house.


It took most of the summer, but Anne’s house was cleaned up and all of her code violations and fines were erased.


What an amazing story of kindness and neighbors helping neighbors!

Source: HeroViral