Matt Clayton and his six-year-old son Archie were driving around in their car when Matt turned on the radio when My Shadow and Me came on. It’s clear that the duo know exactly what to do, with Archie channeling his inner Sammy Davis Jr., and Dad joining in with his best Sinatra.

Apparently, this wonderful performance is a tradition for the father and son. “Whenever we are in the car we are always singing along, and Frank Sinatra is Archie’s favorite,” explained Matt. “We are always doing it but this time, I thought I would film it and put it online as a dig at one of my bandmates that my son might be better at singing Sinatra than him!”

The video has since gone viral, with everyone falling in love with this heartwarming performance. And what does Archie have to say about all of this? “I really like Frank Sinatra. There are no other singers I like as much.”

Watch the video below and let us know what you think!

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