12-year-old Tayla was bullied, and she tried to kill herself. Going to school every ay was absolute torture. The other children were relentless in their abuse. Kali, Tayla’s mother’ attempted to intervene on her daughter’s behalf. She insisted the school deal with the bullies. Sadly, the teachers and administration (the adults who are tasked with providing children an education in a safe environment) blamed the bullying on Tayla. They said her ‘weird’ behavior caused the torment. Their only solution was to segregate her from the other children and put her isolation, which Tayla compares to a ‘prison’. After the failure of the school to protect Tayla, her mother sent her to live with her Grandfather. In a different environment and with therapy, she is improving every day. But, Kali is stil fighting for legislation to that will hold the bully or bullies accountable in situations like Tayla’s.

Watch this haunting video and consider showing it to your children. Take a moment to understand the impact bullying can have on a person’s life. Encourage your children to recognize bullying and speak up for themselves and especially others that are being bullied. Finally, stopbullying.gov is a resource if you are being bullied or know someone who is.