She never let her perceived disability stand in the way of her successful career, friendships, and happiness. She did and continues to remind us all that we can all achieve our goals, despite any obstacles face. She not only inspired her employers and employees, but her story inspires anyone who reads it.


Freia lives in Needham, at the Charles River Center assisted living facility for children and adults with developmental disabilities. The Charles River Center provides Freia and 80 other disabled individuals in Needham with fulfilling jobs.


She began working at McDonald’s in the 1980’s.


After 32 years of employment, her employers, staff, and friends threw her a retirement party.


She received a certificate for her years of hard work.

“We are so sad that she is retiring, but very happy for the time we had to work with her. The McDonald’s of Needham will never be the same without Freia David.”


Freia’s retirement party was at the McDonald’s where she worked, and the public was invited in to enjoy some free french fries. Freia served up some fries one final time.


Freia enjoyed spending time with her friends and customers.


Congratulations on your retirement, Freia!