One officer that takes his job protecting his community very seriously is State Trooper First Class Roy Moomey of Arkansas. When a report came in that a drunk driver was traveling down the interstate at a high rate of speed and in the wrong direction, he made a choice that would most like end his own life, but would save the lives of other civilians on the highway.


When the trooper spotted the vehicle in question, speeding down the highway in the wrong direction, he realized that there was only one way to stop him.


According to, there’s “no particular standard practice for intercepting a vehicle driving on the wrong side of the interstate.”


So, he drove his own car head-on into the drunk driver, fully aware that a head-on collision at that speed would probably kill him.


But miraculously, Trooper Moomey survived the violent crash that destroyed his cruiser. The drunk driver did not.


He was admitted to the ICU in serious but stable condition. He underwent several surgeries.


Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson visited Mooney to thank him for his brave act that most likely saved lives.


Trooper Moomey received an award for his service. His family and his community are immensely proud of their hero.

Source: FB/Love What Matters and FB/Governor Asa Hutchinson