85-year-old Anna Pesce is one of these unfortunate individuals who suffered from chronic back pains. For decades, has had to endure the severe pain caused by a multitude of back problems, including scoliosis, a herniated disc, and osteoporosis. She visited numerous doctors, chiropractors, back specialists, and acupuncturists but none of them were able to improve her situation. Things were looking hopeless for Anna, but one day she decided to give yoga a try.

As you might imagine, yoga was initially very difficult and painful for Anna but she refused to give up. Over time, Anna got better and better at yoga, and her body became much stronger. As she became more in tune with the various poses, she learned to use them to directly attack her back pains. Incredibly, within only two months, Anna had undergone a drastic transformation.

Watch the video below for this absolutely remarkable story and please do share this with anyone you know who’s suffering from back pain!