Meet Laura Bretan, a 13-year-old singer who decided to audition for America’s Got Talent. Walking on stage, it was obvious that she was very nervous. And who could blame her? With such a massive audience, a live TV broadcast, and the ever-blunt Simon Cowell making his return to TV, the pressure was o. But the moment Laura began to sing, everyone was in disbelief. Mel B., one of the judges, gave Laura the first Golden Buzzer season 11, meaning Laura received an automatic pass to the live semi-finals! But Simon’s reaction was absolutely priceless…”That didn’t just happen… I’m thinking to myself, ‘If she starts to sing, this is not gonna work.’ And then that just happened. I have never heard anything like that in all the years I’ve been doing this show. Seriously.”

Watch the video below to see the performance that is leaving everyone stunned!